Tips for How to Choose the Best Local Realtor

Take the time to look online in your city and you will find no less than a few hundred or more realtors working the streets. With so many real estate agents to choose from, you might think you could just pick any and be just fine. Just like any business, real estate agents have their own way of doing things and personalities, and if you are going to be working together for months at a time, you best find someone you get along with now or this could be a long and stressful transaction.

The Busier the Better
Once you narrow the list of potential realtors you would like to work with, head over to their website or social media page and see how busy they are. Do they have awards for being the top seller in their office? Are they part of the million dollar club? Are they adding listings daily to their pages, do they respond to inquires in minutes, do they look like they are juggling 12 balls at a time? Great! You want a busy realtor because this means they welcome the work and close deals fast.

The Real Estate Rebate
Be sure to inquire with any realtor you are considering hiring about a real estate rebate. This commission is paid to buyers who work with these realtors, and is basically a slice of their pay in exchange for doing business with each other. Many realtors don’t feel they should give up anything, while others are fine with handing over $3,000 at closing because they would not have had the sale otherwise so they are happy making anything on the transaction.

Social Media Says it All
If you still have a short list of a few realtors you are considering working with, head over to Facebook and go to your towns Rant and Raves group page. You can take two approaches now, passive or aggressive. If you are passive, just sit back and scroll the pages until you find raves about local realtors, these should be popping up daily on that group page. Be more aggressive and make a post asking locals for help finding a realtor and then sit back. Not only will people who have worked with the realtor share experiences, you will get realtors chiming in about why you should work with them too.

There you have it, all the ways to find the best local realtor and how this will help to make the transaction as smooth as possible. For more info about real estate rebates visit: