Trends in Real Estate: Staging a House for Attracting Lightning Fast Offers

Charleston Homes for SaleWhen it comes to real estate trends, most people think that they need to stage their home for just the open house, but the truth of the matter is that you need to start this process as soon as you sign a contract with your realtor because you are going to have people walking in right out of the gate. The minute your house hits the MLS listing, realtors from all over will be bringing their clients to try and get a jump on the offers.

If you want a lightning fast offer, says Premier One a Leading Charleston SC homes for sale provider, staging needs to begin as early as possible in the following manner:

1. The number one thing that you can do to attract more offers right out of the box is get rid of all that clutter. Look at it this way, you are going to have to box everything up anyway, so the sooner that you start moving your stuff the better. Rent a storage unit for a few months and get as much boxed and moved as possible. The key is making the inside look bigger than it really is, and less clutter is the key.

2. Get working on boxing up any personal pictures of the family hanging on the walls. The trick here is that you want the house to look like one of those model houses you see in a new development, where everything is neutral and you can imagine yourself living there. You want to give you potential buyers the chance to get emotionally connected to the house by making it as easy as possible for them. The last thing they want to be looking at all those find memories your family has, it doesn’t allow them to connect.

3. Hire a landscaping company to come to your house and trim the trees, clip the bushes, cut the grass, and put in some new plants too. Curb appeal is one of the easiest ways to develop an emotional connection, so while you are packing up the inside, let the professionals get working on cleaning the outside.

4. Now that the boxes are packed, get a cleaning company to the house to steam clean the carpeting, wash the windows, polish all the tiles, and wax the hardwood floors. These experts will clean all your upholstery and make the house look and smell amazing too.

These staging tips will allow buyers to fall in love with your house and want it before anyone else has the chance to see it.